Welcome to Shift Within

Are you longing for inner peace and calm 

in your life?


Do you . . . 

* feel that years of stress is having a negative effect on you - physically, mentally and emotionally?

* have holding patterns of tension in your body that are causing you discomfort, or even pain?

* spend so much time in your head that you feel disconnected, or don't know what your body is feeling?

* long to stop all the busy-ness and just slow things down?



  Would you love to . . . 

* move on from your past experiences so you can heal and live life with dignity, grace and ease?

* slow down, take time for yourself and enjoy moments of stillness?

* explore your mind-body connection and change the story of be-ing in your body?

* feel a deeper sense of self-compassion and kindness, inner peace and calm in your life?





If so, would you like to chat? 

I invite you to schedule a no obligation 'virtual coffee chat' with me, and talk about possibilities.

  Let's get you moving towards slowing things down and letting things go.

It's time to really start breathing again, and discovering the power of you, within.



~ Cindy x


In a world full of distractions, stillness is a powerful advantage.  





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“I can not recommend Cindy highly enough. Her commitment, enthusiasm, and authenticity are contagious! Taking the time to work with someone who can help rise you up to your own true purpose is no small task.
Cindy helped me to find the courage within myself and she made it fun. She saw my spark, and helped me gain more clarity about choices I had made that left that spark, as well as my own self-esteem and self-worth, diminished. Everyone should take the opportunity for growth through life coaching and ABM. With Cindy, you get both! I’m so grateful our paths crossed.”
Valerie B.