Cindy is a women's life coach and mentor, and mindful movement practitioner, who loves to support women to slow things down, transcend the negative effects of prolonged stress and exhaustion, and to help them breathe again. She gently guides them to feel better in their bodies by releasing holding patterns of tension and emotions, so they can heal and move through life with dignity and grace.


After her own experience of years of high levels of stress, as well as an unhealthy, long-term relationship, Cindy felt the negative impact it all made on her health and wellbeing - physically, mentally and emotionally. At the same time, the level of caregiving support to her elderly parents was rapidly increasing. Deciding to take care of herself as much as she cared for others, she made changes in her life - through daily calming practices and habits, deeper personal awareness, and holistic body work. Not that every day is perfect by any means, she now lives life slowly and with intention, which often brings simple beauty and joy into her every day experience.


Spending over twenty-three years serving the needs of patients as an optometrist assistant, in 2018 Cindy made the leap to follow her passion and serve in a different way. She is a certified life coach through The Coaching Institute, Core Program Practitioner graduate of Breakthrough Coaching with Marcia Reynolds, certified Neuromovement ® Practitioner (ABMNM®), has received ‘Happy For No Reason’ training with Marci Shimoff (certification pending) and is currently enrolled in NLP certification.


Cindy loves being outdoors walking, hiking, canoeing, cycling, or generally exploring - and has a particular passion for gardening and native bees. She is a beekeeper on hiatus, has a thing for trees, and is an armchair birdwatcher. She has a multitude of creative interests, but especially enjoys creating handmade soap and handcrafted paper, and watercolour painting, and loves to hang around antique shops and bookstores - all things that slow her down, fill her soul and has her feeling more grounded, more peaceful and calm, and yes, happier.



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