Have you ever heard of 'negging'?!


I hadn't heard of it! Or not until a week ago. While doing some research I came across the term in an article I was reading. And I thought.. 'what the heck is negging?'


Well, it turns out I may not have known the actual word, however I sure knew what it meant. Up until that point I just called it 'put-down humour'. Well, that is what negging is - and a whole lot more. 


I'm not sure if you have ever experienced this, but when someone gives you a backhanded compliment, or says something that has you feeling off or hurt and then tells you 'I'm just joking' ... well, that is negging.


I have experienced negging occasionally throughout my life - with a romantic partner, family and friends - and I have witnessed other people experience it as well. All of it leaves a lasting impression of uncertainty, unfairness and sometimes had me thinking 'that was downright mean'. None of this is good. And all of it is emotional abuse.


I invite you to click on this link and find out more. It may just be a small shift in how you start to interact with others - and protect your energy - that will lead to big shifts in the quality of your life. We all get to be ourselves without the put-down humour or judgement of others.



Cindy Morris
Shift Within